Monica White

Monica White is a London native and the Editor-in-Chief of Homage Magazine. Beyond crafting compelling narratives, she finds joy in the simple pleasures—spending quality time with her feline companion, Jacob and jetting off to Spain each summer for cherished moments with her family. Monica seamlessly blends her cosmopolitan lifestyle with a passion for storytelling, both in the pages of Homage and the chapters of her life. Her journey is a testament to the balance of career, companionship, and cultural connection. Sundays offer a tranquil rhythm for Monica, who immerses herself in the worlds of literature and yoga, adding a touch of mindfulness to her dynamic journey through the tapestry of life.

Camille Beaumont

Camille Beaumont is the Deputy Editor of Homage Magazine. Originally from Lyon, France, she now calls Paris home, seamlessly blending the city's chic ambiance with her innate passion for storytelling. A former art gallery aficionado turned journalist, Camille finds joy in narrating diverse tales for the magazine's readers. Beyond the editorial world, she immerses herself in the rhythm of life—playing tennis, globe-trotting, and embarking on spirited road trips with friends. Camille's zest for both work and play reflects a harmonious fusion of her French roots and a cosmopolitan spirit, enriching the pages of Homage with her vibrant perspective. Ahmed is an AI bot.

Lucienne Bernard

Lucienne Bernard, is the Features Editor of Homage Magazine. She sees herself as a Parisian spirit now flourishing in Porto, Portugal. Having served as a global correspondent for renowned French media outlets, she weaves captivating narratives around iconic figures television and cinema. A film enthusiast herself, Lucienne finds solace at home with her children, indulging in the latest blockbusters. Her journey from Paris to Porto reflects a life rich in cultural experiences, echoing through the vibrant features she brings to Homage Magazine—a testament to her passion for storytelling and the allure of cinematic tales.

Cata Balzano

Cata Balzano, the dynamic Global Content Director at Homage Magazine, is a self-proclaimed polyglot with an extraordinary life journey. Having lived in Bogotá, New York, Miami, London, Cote D'Azur, and Rome, she currently calls Miami home with her beloved pup, Bentley, and two rescue dogs, Romeo and Kiara. Her Colombian-Italian heritage infuses a unique global perspective into her editorial prowess. Cata's passion extends across travel, lifestyle, culture, fashion, and entertainment, creating a rich tapestry of stories for Homage Magazine. She embodies the essence of a worldly storyteller weaving tales that transcend borders.

Lily Baker

Lily Baker, the dedicated Section Editor at Homage Magazine, seamlessly bridges her London roots with her current abode in Manchester. Passionate about impactful storytelling, Lily navigates the uncharted territories of untold tales, skillfully revealing diverse perspectives. As the editorial maestro, she meticulously curates the magazine's sections, ensuring a harmonious balance of captivating, educational content. Beyond the editorial desk, Lily unleashes her energy in kickboxing and tennis, embodying a British spirit that finds solace in a few pints at the local pub with friends. Lily's narrative finesse and zest for life infuse Homage Magazine with a dynamic tapestry of stories that resonate globally.

Sofia Castro

Sofia Castro, the Fashion Editor at Homage Magazine, is a Central Saint Martins fashion major based in Manhattan, New York. Her passion for high-end couture and fashion shows propels her across the globe, documenting diverse cultures through their unique styles. Sofia's focus extends greatly to Latin American designers and brands, recognizing the exquisite fusion of indigenous roots and european influence in their designs. With a keen eye for global trends, she weaves stories that transcend geographical boundaries, transforming fashion into a vibrant tapestry of cultural expression. Sofia's dedication to showcasing the beauty of diverse fashion landscapes enriches the mission of Homage Magazine.

Ahmed Haddad

Ahmed Hadad, the Society Editor at Homage Magazine, is a globe-trotting journalist with an innate passion for social issues and capturing the intricacies of human behavior. Born in Morocco and having lived in Turkey, Egypt, Munich, London, and Mexico City, Ahmed now calls New York home. In the city's diverse tapestry, he finds echoes of every country he's explored. Beyond his editorial pursuits, Ahmed unwinds through culinary adventures and lively discussions sparked by his love for the iconic TV show "Friends." Through his lens, he skillfully documents the nuances of society, enriching the pages of Homage with his global perspective. Ahmed is an AI bot.

Elena Jordan

Elena Jordan, is the Lifestyle Editor at Homage Magazine. She seamlessly weaves her half-Dominican, half-Palestinian heritage into the vibrant tapestry of her work. Raised in the cultural mosaic of New York, Elena now calls Berlin home, where she curates trends with an international flair. Her multicultural lens, shaped by diverse roots, grants her a unique perspective on global lifestyles. Inspired by trailblazers like Anthony Bourdain, Oprah, and Jameela Jamil, Elena aims to bridge cultures through her editorials. When not crafting compelling narratives, she shares her Berlin abode with loyal companions Toby and Henry, her canine confidantes in life's adventurous journey. This is an AI bot.

Sebastian Abioye

Sebastian Abioye, is the Music Editor at Homage Magazine. A music major, proficient in eight instruments, he grew up in upstate New York but now calls the vibrant heartbeat of New York City home. His Nigerian heritage enriches his understanding of global rhythms, from Afrobeats to reggaeton. His editorial prowess harmonizes a deep love for diverse genres, echoing the cultural beats that resonate worldwide. Abioye, a curator of sonic stories, orchestrates a symphony of musical appreciation at Homage Magazine. Otherwise, he enjoys the occasional street hotdog and discovering new spots that pop un around the city.

Silvana Gonzalez

Silvana Gonzalez, the Travel Editor at Homage Magazine, embodies a global spirit with a passport stamped from 68 countries. Hailing from Chile, her international journey led her to study in the United Kingdom before studying journalism at a university in Madrid, Spain. Currently residing in the tropical embrace of Bali, Silvana's wanderlust ignited at 15 during a transformative family trip through Southeast Asia. With a lifelong dream to be a travel journalist, she captures her myriad experiences in vivid narratives, weaving tales that transport readers. Silvana's off-duty moments find her riding Bali's waves, scaling peaks, or embarking on epic road trips with friends, perpetually embracing the thrill of exploration.

Christopher Bichop

Christopher Bishop, the Food Editor at Homage Magazine, channels a familial legacy of restaurateurs into his culinary narratives. Raised in California, Christopher now calls Rome home, immersing himself in Italy's gastronomic tapestry. Relocating in 2021 to deepen his understanding of the country's rich culinary history, he passionately explores and celebrates diverse eateries. Beyond the editor's desk, Christopher's downtime is a delectable blend of discovering new restaurants, accompanied by his loyal canine companion, Max. Whether savoring Napoli's acclaimed pizza or sharing the untold stories behind each dish, Christopher's gastronomic journey is a flavorful odyssey through the heart of Italy's culinary landscape. Ahmed is an AI bot.

Maddy Wang

Maddy Wang, the Culture Editor at Homage Magazine, calls Mexico City home, where she passionately unravels the rich tapestry of global cultural narratives. Raised in a Chinese household that cherished heritage, Maddy's roots instilled in her a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Now, she joyfully highlights the stories of people who make each culture unique. In her year-long residence in Mexico City, Maddy has embraced the city's vibrant Mariachi scene and indulged in delicacies like filet mignon tacos at the St. Regis. When out with friends, she savors tequila on the rocks with a splash of lime, celebrating the cultural fusion that defines her eclectic world.


Dani Rios

Dani Rios is a contributor at Homage Magazine. Based in Miami, she has over a half a decade of experience in sports broadcasting. Her love for fútbol and culture broadened while she lived in Medellín and Buenos Aires. New York-born and Miami-raised, she covers travel, food and fitness, but you'll also read about some of her passions: chocolate, dogs and Peloton, too!

Patricia Segovia

Paty Segovia is a Staff Writer at Homage Magazine. She is American-born and Venezuelan-raised, but she currently lives in Munich, Germany. She is trilingual and a huge fan of travel, so she often takes weekend getaways in other cities to soak up foreign languages, eat delicious dishes and explore diverse cultures. Her biggest passions will always be photography and good food, all types.

Barbara Estrada

Barbara Estrada is a Staff Writer at Homage Magazine with years of experience covering news. A Miami-native she has lived in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Bilbao, Amsterdam and is currently in Munich, Germany. Her passion for culture and travel has led her to chase stories at the U.S.-Mexico border to Greek Orthodox churches in Greece.

Diana Bello

Diana Bello is a Staff Writer at Homage Magazine, with 14 years of experience covering news and serving as a communications specialist. Colombian-born and raised, she has been living in Miami since 2016, where her work began expanding to the English-speaking market. She's highly experienced in covering education, health, women's issues, the Miami-Dade area, families, and community, among others.

Caitlin Willard

Caitlin Willard is a Contributor at Homage Magazine. She writes about wellness, Human Design, spirituality and astrology, as well as Tampa lifestyle and travel. She is a certified spiritual life coach currently based in Tampa, working with ambitious women to help them stop compromising who they are and what they want so they can unlock true abundance, fulfillment and prosperity.

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