About Homage

Homage is the voice of society.

Our mission is to bring stories worldwide into one outlet to ensure that every demographic gets represented.

Pronounced as “o-maj,” our goal is to show how much has changed globally while paying tribute to the unique cultures and diversity worldwide that have led us to this point. We aim to provide a global platform that allows people from all walks of life to share their stories.

With our mission, also provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of demographic or location. We are working together to bring inclusivity in media. With our coverage of all genres, we are giving voice to journalists and writers all over the globe while celebrating this fusion between different traditions, cultures, and languages.

Most media outlets will tell you about the single events going wrong in the world, such as bloodshed in war-torn countries, hunger, or natural disasters, while shedding little light on the positive developments, technological advancements, and communal progress of our time.

Stories about single events are much more engaging. However, they don’t represent how things have changed collectively over time as a whole.

While journalism has been under attack from misinformation and deceitful campaigns by powerful interests with vested agendas, Homage wants to report facts and global news with authenticity and integrity.

We want to report on what’s going down in the US, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia—from exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at museums with their most prized exhibits up for grabs, protests about human rights happening around the world, to unique insights on art, tourism, music, or festivals.

We’re fully remote and look for writers on a global spectrum developing stories exclusively for us! It doesn’t matter if people come from different cultures or ethnicities because what matters most here are their passions—not restrictions imposed by society.

Our writers take pride in being well-informed with authentic sources who will always give accurate news articles across all genres—making them trustworthy and authoritative figures that anyone would enjoy.

Our readers are located worldwide, and our content is available in 25 different languages. With this reach, our goal is to ensure that anyone who reads us, across any generation, will learn something new while enjoying our informative and insightful articles.