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Thoughtful Gifts For The Friend Who Just Got A Puppy

Thoughtful Gifts For The Friend Who Just Got A Puppy

A new pet comes with so much responsibility, and for those who take it very seriously, it also means dropping a few hundred in the span of the first few months.

From potty training tools, to the basics – which involve a bed, feeding bowls and some teething toys – welcoming a new puppy to the family can be an expensive and overwhelming experience.

While the joy of a dog in the home is bigger than any learning curves along the way, some thoughtful gifts from a loved one will always help make the experience that much better.

Here are some you might want to keep in mind as a ‘welcome home’ gift for your friend and their new pooch.

Interactive feeding toy

Interactive feeders, such as the silicone one sold by Fable Pets, help awaken a puppy’s senses, pushing them to work for rewards – aka the food – and find strategies that will help them get the food out of the feeder, faster. It’s also really cute to watch the dog intelligently push the feeder and go by their own strategy to accomplish the…eating! It’s also a good way to exercise the doggy, as they are standing and walking around while pursuing the activity.

A ‘Goody Box’

For the gifter who wants to give a little bit of everything, Chewy sells a Goody Box, which includes eight items: toys, snacks and lifestyle products. Chewy says that with the purchase, you save 45 percent on the products in the box since you’re buying them as a bundle. Sounds purrrfect!

A pack of eco-friendly poo bags

Get your friends the gift they definitely will need and use – poo bags. Amazon sells big packs of eco-friendly bags. Some are made from starch or other products, and while the purchase might not immediately rid the world of single-use plastic consumption, it will put a little grain of sand on behalf of you, your friend and their furry friend.

Anxiety Relief Plush Toy

Adjusting to a new home can be hard for a puppy – whether they’re newborn or come from a shelter – and learning to stay home alone is also difficult for them. The Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Animal is a behavioral aid dog toy with a heartbeat sound inside that is meant to help calm a dog’s separation anxiety. A plush toy specifically designed to help a puppy self-soothe and feel comfortable would be a thoughtful gift for any doggie.

Portable Water & Food Container

When traveling with a pup, their meal time is always in the back of our minds. Something to help with the packing and storage of the dog’s meal while on the road, at the park or anywhere else that is far from home, would be useful and practical. The portable water bottle, which doubles down as a food container, comes with two individual pieces to put the water in for staying hydrated and the food in for when it’s dinner time!

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