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Bad Bunny Dropped A Preview Of A New Song In The Most Gen-Z Way Possible

Bad Bunny Dropped A Preview Of A New Song In The Most Gen-Z Way Possible

The year hasn’t ended, and Bad Bunny is still not finished putting out music. The artist just teased a new song on his social media, proving that he will not be retiring from music anytime soon.

The “Me Porto Bonito” singer, who just finished touring the US and Latin America, teased fans on his TikTok with the song. While he didn’t mention the same or when he would release it, he did insinuate that it would happen before the new year.

“This one’s to close out the year,” he said in the video before letting the song play.

“Let me know if you want another preview,” he captioned the post.


me dicen si quieren otro preview…

♬ original sound – Bad Bunny

With the announcement of one last potential hit before 2022 ends, he put to rest any further retirement rumors which sparked after he said that ‘2023 would be a year for himself,’ during an exclusive sit-down interview with Leila Cobo from Billboard.

“I’m never trusting this man again when he says he’s leaving,” said Belu Gallardo.

“This is going to be on my repeat playlist and the song hasn’t even dropped yet 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” said a comment.

“DROP ITTT BENITOO😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩,” said Emi Quintana on the post.

El Conejo Malo, inarguably is the biggest artist in the world. Billboard reported that he grossed more than a quarter billion dollars while on tour in 2022, and he was also the most streamed artist on Spotify for the third consecutive year.

With a fandom that enables the back-to-back sellout of concerts, it’s not surprising that people were freaking out when Benito posted what is assumed to be a new song that he will be dropping this year.

With a success that makes him the Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson of our generation, the accolades don’t stop, as he continues to be the first to do it all in his native language: Spanish.

While he hasn’t exactly stated when he’ll be releasing the song, it’ll surely be an add-on to a roster of hits he had in 2022.

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