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The 10 Most Fashionable TV Shows Of 2022

The 10 Most Fashionable TV Shows Of 2022

  • A study revealed that 'Euphoria' is the most fashionable show of all time
  • The study comes from analyzed Google search data showing search terms associated with fashion items on popular TV shows
  • 'Wednesday' is also on the list after the debut of the first season

Trends such as Y2K fashion have made a comeback like never before in 2022, and of course, some of that has to do with the media we consume.

Just like the leather jacket and high-rise black pants became the must-have pieces of the late 70’s after Olivia Newton-John wore them in the iconic Grease scene along John Travolta, and when Laguna Beach and The Hills influenced the masses into rocking the “California look” by buying overpriced Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister T-shirts and low-rise jeans, films and TV shows continue to play a role in the fashion decisions we make today.

A new study conducted by online retailer Boohoo, analyzed Google search data for various search terms associated with fashion and outfits for every new and recurring TV show released in 2022 to reveal the 10 most fashionable TV shows of the year. 

The study revealed that Euphoria is not only the most searched for in terms of fashion in 2022, but it’s actually the most fashionable TV show of all time. 

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Across the world, people search for terms associated with Euphoria’s fashion a whopping 132,900 times per month, placing the high school drama firmly in the top spot. When broken down, the phrase ‘Euphoria outfits’ receives an average of 121,000 times a month, more searches than the rest of the top 10 combined. 

Not surprisingly, Emily in Paris is a runner-up, ranking as the second most fashionable TV show of 2022. The show, makes fashion a big part of its identity with the main character, Emily seen scene after scene gallivanting around Paris with her friends, all wearing gorgeous designer outfits, which are styled by designer Patricia Field.

The Netflix show receives an average of 39,900 searches a month globally for terms associated with fashion, including the term ‘Emily in Paris outfits’, which is searched for an average of 31,000 times a month worldwide. 

Coming in as the third most fashionable show of the year was Stranger Things which leaves aside high-end couture and celebrates 80’s styles and retro looks, patterns and accessories such as suspenders, floral button-down shirts and neon colors, paired with bold hairdos and denim-on-denim combos. The show has made the 80s cool again while producing 28,800 average searches a month for fashion in the show. 

Credit: Netflix

The fourth most fashionable TV show of 2022 is Peaky Blinders with 18,200 searches per month, with the most popular search term being ‘Peaky Blinders fashion’, which receives an average of 7,300 searches each month worldwide.  

The study placed Bridgerton fifth in the ranking, with 14,400 average monthly searches worldwide.

The top ten is rounded out byKilling Eve ranking in sixth place, Heartstopper in seventh, followed by The Crown, The White Lotus, and Wednesday in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively. 

Here is the full list of the top 10 most fashionable shows of 2022.

1. Euphoria

2. Emily in Paris

3. Stranger Things

4. Peaky Blinders

5. Bridgerton

6. Killing Eve

7. Heartstopper

8. The Crown

9. White Lotus

10. Wednesday

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