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El Alfa Discusses New Album & The Rocky Road To Globalizing Dembow

El Alfa Discusses New Album & The Rocky Road To Globalizing Dembow

  • 'Sagitario' is El Alfa's fifth studio album.
  • The Dominican artist says this has been the project he has enjoyed the most in his career and projects that 2023 will be his best year yet.

When looking up the main traits of a Sagittarius, one would find that they are described as truthful, fixated on self-improvement, and according to, they are also “cheerful” and pose a defiant “can-do” attitude.

Dominican Rapper Emanuel Herrera Batista, known as El Alfa, would agree. The artist, who has paved his way in the Latin music industry by consistently producing Dembow – one of his native country’s emblematic genres – also says that he, like many Sagittariuses, is a “happy person” who is focused on what he wants: success.

His fifth studio album, which dropped on Nov. 14, was named Sagitario, meaning sagittarius in Spanish, in celebration of his birthday, which falls on Dec. 18.

“Thank you, God, for allowing me to finish what is the biggest project in Dembow’s history,” said El Alfa, in a recent Instagram post to his 9.8 million followers where he spoke about his album and shared the front cover of the project.

In an interview with Homage, he revealed that while he strategically chose 18 songs for the album, given that he’d be dropping the album on the 18th day of his birth month, titling the album wasn’t at the top of his priorities throughout his time in the studio.

“I was just fully focused on the music, and the name was actually the last thing I chose. Since my birthday is December 18, I decided to name it Sagitario, he said.

The 18-song musical project is inundated with Dembow rhythms and sounds, a genre that has marked El Alfa’s artistic trajectory for the past 15 years.

At the beginning of his career, he decided to stay loyal to the sounds of Dembow, though nobody believed it could become the global phenomenon it is transitioning into.

With already-popular tracks such as “La Mamá de la Mamá,” which gained viral recognition in 2022, El Alfa is doing with Dembow what Daddy Yankee did with reggaeton, and while he’s seeing the fruit of his work, he’s also enjoying the process more than ever.

“This is the project I’ve enjoyed the most doing. I really enjoyed the process. In my other projects, I was stressed. I had to work so much, but this one I fully felt enjoyment while creating it,” he said.

El Alfa is known for his controversial lyrics and including his fans in online competitions that in the past have gone viral. Credit: @elalfaeljefe | Instagram

In 2022, El Alfa’s rhythms and work in globalizing the Dembow rhythms have caught global attention, with artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Anitta and Tyga catching on and wanting to be part of projects that involve the genre’s rhythms as produced by El Alfa.

He was even recognized as Daddy Yankee for his work in trailblazing and leading the genre and encouraging its artists to continue investing in its globalization.

Recalling that it has been challenging from the start, he recognized his family’s support.

“My wife has been a central pillar in this process and in my success,” he said while recalling that in his beginnings, she would be the one to support him financially.

The Dembow artist is known by many fans for being a family man and for flaunting his family on social media and in his projects.

“I try to keep my family and work-life separate but I do end up posting things and videos of my kids and my family, whether it be because it makes me laugh or brings me joy and I want to share that,” he added.

El Alfa’s album “Sagitario” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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