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Mexican Band Maná Release A New Version Of Their Song Mariposa Traicionera

Mexican Band Maná Release A New Version Of Their Song Mariposa Traicionera

  • The pop-rock band is celebrating more than three decades of a career
  • They’ve collaborated with more than 15 world-renowned artists including Shakira, Nicky Jam and Steve Aoki
  • A new version of their famous song Mariposa Traicionera features Alejandro Fernández

With 9 albums, 55 singles and over 40 million records sold worldwide, the latest project of the Mexican pop-rock band has focused on collaborating with other talented artists to record new versions of their all-time hits – with a spin.

The band composed by Fher Olvera, Juan Calleros, Álex González and Sergio Vallín released their latest single last month – a new version of their famous song Mariposa Traicionera featuring Alejandro Fernández, born in the same city where Maná originated – Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Credit: Facebook, Mana. Source: San Antonio Current

‘’We’ve known Alejandro since we were kids,’’ said Fher, lead singer and acoustic guitarist, during a recent press conference the band held via Zoom. “He’s also a great artist, just like his father, who both have represented Mexican music incredibly.”

“This is a song that resonates with the two of us,” said Fher jokingly as the lyrics tell the story of a relationship that ends because one is caught cheating. Written and composed by Fher, the song was first released by Maná in the 2002 album “Revolución de Amor”. The new version posted two weeks ago on YouTube, has been viewed over 5.7 million times.

A band that has been going strong for 36 years is, “always looking for new ideas, and ways to stay active,’’ said Sergio, who plays the electric guitar. Their collaboration journey with other artists spans many years, one of the first dating back to 1999 with iconic Latin artist Santana for the song Corazón Espinado. Today, they’ve collaborated with more than 15 world-renowned artists including Shakira, Nicky Jam and Steve Aoki.

The nostalgic project of revisiting their original singles kicked off with a 2019 collaboration with Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán, for Rayando el Sol, from the 1990 album “Falta Amor.” So far, they’ve done five recordings of their classics with guest artists.

‘’Many of them were very young when the songs were written, and yet they now offer a special freshness to each of the songs, while never losing their essence,” added Sergio, when asked about the artists they’ve worked with for these new releases.

‘’We’re old-school, so when we’re looking to invite an artist to record a song, more than the number of followers or digital presence, we value having a strong connection with them, and of course, talent’’ said Fher. Maná is not the first band to re-release their greatest hits – in their case, for artistic purposes. Yet for a band that’s been touring and performing their most successful pieces for more than 20 years, “hearing our records in a different ‘costume’ has felt extremely good, and it’s been very well-received by the fans, so we’re extremely happy about how it’s turned out,’’ added Sergio.

All of these new singles won’t remain as that, ‘’They will come together in one record that we’re planning for next year, with around ten to twelve guest artists,’’ emphasized Alex Gonzalez, drummer, when asked about the idea behind this project.   

The band teased some new collaborations on the horizon, specifically with a famous Colombian artist and another coming from Spain: ‘’Like everyone, we’ve adapted to life with a pandemic but are also hopeful for the future, ‘’ said Fher. ‘’We’ve already performed this year in Houston, which released a bull within us that is full of adrenaline, ready and hopeful to see you all very soon.”

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